A Man Regales His Peculiar Obsession with Chairs to His New Psychiatrist


Chairs: convenient, comfortable, useful, even beautiful.
They are part of our everyday.
Everywhere we turn in there they are, in one form or another.
We appreciate them, but sometimes appreciation turns to adoration and even obsession. To the point it takes over your life.

This is what life is like for JOEL JUDSON.

We meet Joel as he decides to confront his obsession; his desire – an appointment with psychiatrist SERAPHINA BROOKS.

As Joel regales his peculiar condition, Seraphina is drawn into a situation she never expected.

“The legs of that chair–how miraculous their tubularity, how supernatural their polished smoothness. I spent several centuries merely gazing at those legs, actually being them—or rather being myself in them.”

Aldous Huxley

The Production

The search for the perfect shoot locations is currently underway, involving detailed talks with venues and organisations.

This meticulous approach extends to the designs for the film’s mood boards, to encapsulate the aesthetic look of the film. These boards will be followed by the production storyboards to finalise the entire shoot of this comedy short film.

Chairs will be a four day shoot and a lot of fun to make!