Addy Frame

H A I R  S T Y L I S T  &  
M A K E U P  D E S I G N E R
A D D Y  F R A M E

Addy Frame is a Hair Stylist and Makeup Designer based in London.

Over the last few years, Addy has worked on a string of successful productions. These include the short films, Dawn of the Deaf and Salt, and most recently seven new short films this year, most of them as part of BAFTA Crew, which Addy has been selected for this year.

Along with these, Addy has worked on feature films and editorial, and she continues to be in demand.

Recently, Addy was flown out to the Tokyo Olympics this summer to be an MUA there.

Addy was the first choice of our Director to join the production of Chairs, having previously worked together on his last film, Sonar. and they were both keen to continue their working relationship.

Addy was the lead Hair Stylist and Makeup Designer on Chairs throughout its production.