Cooke Optics

C O O K E  O P T I C S

For over 100 years, Cooke Optics have been at the centre of the filmmaking business.

The very first Cooke lens was made from an elegantly simple design, patented in 1893, known as The Cooke Triplet Patent.

Ever since this initial release, the Cooke lenses have been designed and manufactured from their factory in Leicester.

Such has been their dominance in the industry that the productions themselves are now known as having the Cooke Look®.

Productions filmed with Cooke are known the world over, such as, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Star Wars, Casino Royale, Superman. Game of Thrones, Zero Dark Thirty, Grand Budapest Hotel, A Star is Born, and many more.

This industry dominance saw Cooke deservedly receive the Academy Award for innovation at the 85th Academy Awards.

As our Director was born and based close to their factory, their continued support for him as a Director has now seen the dream to shoot CHAIRS with the Cooke Look® become a reality.

Cooke are now an official supporter of our film and they will be supporting us with lenses throughout our Summer shoot.