Director Statement

D I R E C T O R  S T A T E M E N T

Throughout my formative years I was immersed in the films of Buster Keaton. His comedic timing and innovative approach to filmmaking has been an inspiration for the conception of Chairs.

This passion project of mine has been developed over the last five years and focuses on the winsome JOEL JUDSON and his peculiar lifetime infatuation with chairs.

Juxtaposed with the energetic comedy of this central scene between Joel and his new psychiatrist SERAPHINA BROOKS, the film explores Joel’s anecdotes through a succession of highly stylised set pieces. This elegant cinematography and fast snappy dialogue will pay homage to the classic comedies of Billy Wilder. While embodying the classy period feel of those great 1950s and 1960s comedies, this film is set in the modern day. Furthermore it takes advantage of modern day techniques, such as visual effects to enhance some of these visuals even more.

To achieve its stylised aesthetic, Chairs will be shot with the DP’s Arri Alexa Mini LF. The Oscar Winning Cooke Optics are sponsoring the film with a full set of S7/i Full Frame Prime Lenses. The unison of the Arri Alexa Mini LF and the Cooke S7/i Primes will bring a stunning cinematic scope to Chairs.

It is very much a driving ambition to harness my experience to make Chairs one of the most enjoyable, original, and visual short films, on the film festival circuit.