Eleanor Grondin

S C R I P T  S U P E R V I S O R
E L E A N O R  G R O N D I N

Eleanor Grondin is an experienced Script Supervisor based in London.

After graduating from Lycee des Arènes in Toulouse, Ella expanded her studies in Paris, at CEEA and later Sorbonne-Nouvelle. These studies covered lighting, script writing, and cinematic structure.

Soon after, Ella secured positions on a string of French short films and feature films. Fluent in French and English, she was able to liaise with all members of the cast and crew.

With a back catalogue of work in France, Ella moved to London to further her career. She was quickly in demand, and was hired as a Script Supervisor by Morgane Polanski for her short film, The Stroke.

Ella followed this with a number of feature films such as, Instinct Animal, Pinky, and The Moment Trap.

Along with these, Ella also wrote the successful short film Sieda, as well as being its Script Supervisor.

This range of work made Ella someone the team were keen to bring onboard.

Ella will now be the Script Supervisor for CHAIRS and will work alongside the Producers and Director throughout the film’s shoot.