Therese 'Tag' Goulet

E X E C U T I V E  P R O D U C E R 
 T H E R E S E  ‘T A G ‘  G O U L E T 

Tag’s passion is helping creative people achieve their dreams.

With producer credits on more than 30 indie films, including several from Santa Monica College’s award-winning Film Production Program, she has helped fund dozens of films with hundreds of cast and crew members. She is also a member of Film Independent’s Arts Circle and co-founder of the Next Generation Indie Film Awards Foundation.

Tag began film producing after a storied career in book publishing. She edited the official gift book for the 1988 Winter Olympics, produced a CD distributed in 65 countries, and cofounded FabJob, a publisher with millions of dollars in sales, named “the #1 place to get published online” by Writer’s Digest.

Her intro to filmmaking came in 2004 with Columbia Pictures’ feature film Bewitched when she created books for Nicole Kidman to browse and Will Ferrell to trip over in a bookstore scene. Tag’s work has been featured in media from Oprah’s newsletter to Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal.

An indigenous person, she is a member of Canada’s Métis Nation.